Introductory Session

  • No-fee 15 Minute Introductory Session
  • In-clinic or over the telephone
  • Introductory appointrment only. No treatment is provided
  • For the express purpose of giving you the opportunity to talk to Elizabeth about the health issues that concern you
  • She will briefly explain what approach she would take and if possible give you an idea of the number of consultations required
  • Costs are explained to you
  • If we are not the right clinic for you, there is no obligation to proceed
  • Equally, if Elizabeth feels she cannot help you, she will refer you elsewhere.

Initial Consultation

  • 60 minutes

First Follow-up Consultation

  • 60 minutes
  • This consultation is often dedicated to looking at test results and appropriate recommendations.

Subsequent Follow-up Consultations

  • 40 minutes

Consultations are held In-clinic, by Skype, by Telephone

  • In-clinic - for clients who live locally
  • By Skype - for local clients, who find Skype more convenient than in-clinic, and for all other clients (Elizabeth consults across Australia and to New Zealand and the UK)
  • By Telephone - when Skype is 'playing-up' or if you have no reliable internet connection.


  • Your Initial Consultation is preceded by extensive paperwork in the form of Questionnaires that are emailed to you in pdf format. This includes a food diary
  • These Questionnaires provide important information and save time in the Initial Consultation
  • You bring these Questionnaires with you to your first appointment. Alternatively, if you are speaking to Elizabeth on Skype, we ask you to scan them to us prior to the appointment.


  • In addition to completing the above mentioned Questionnaires, we ask you to bring in any recent blood tests (within the last 12 months) or other relevant test results (or scan them to us)
  • Also we ask for details of all medications, supplements, herbs etc that you are taking.


  • In many cases some testing is appropriate. We may request standard blood testing or suggest functional testing
  • We have access to a wide range of functional and naturopathic pathology tests
  • In some circumstances we will refer to your GP or specialist for testing
  • It is also important to mention that you may not need any tests; all the information we require being available from other sources (eg questionnaires and your case history)
  • For more information go to Testing.


  • A non-refundable Booking Fee is payable when you book your Initial Consultation ($40.00). This fee is taken off your Initial Consultation fee
  • Regarding consultation fees, please call reception for more details.

Consultation Packages

  • About 5 years ago clients asked us if we could find a way to make a series of consultations as affordable as possible. In response to this request we put together a number of Consultation Packages. Clients can opt for a Package or, if preferred, simply pay-as-you-go. Packages have proven very popular. They reduce the cost of consultations and provide a discount on any products required.
  • Our Initial Consultation paperwork provides full details about the Packages. We do not encourage anyone to elect for a Package before having their Initial Consultation. In some situations a Package is irrelevant and this will not be apparent until the first Consultation.
  • Packages can be paid by Payment Plan, so conveniently spreading the cost.