At Elizabeth Orme Clinic we stock a wide range of naturopathic and nutritional products:

  • Largely practitioner only products
  • Generally accessed by consultation, though you can always pick up repeat supplies between consultations
  • Discounted prices if you have a Consultation Package (see Consultation Information)
  • Products are sent by post or courier, if you live outside of the Gold Coast, or simply if you don't have time to collect
  • We have a sample system. If appropriate, we are able to give you a small amount of a product rather you purchasing a whole bottle/tub. We established this system because Elizabeth sees many highly sensitive clients and sometimes finding the right product can be difficult
  • We stock liquid herbs and make up herbal remedies according to client need
  • We have a wide range of naturopathic and nutritional supplements
  • We stock some homoeopathic remedies
  • We have functional foods (eg green powders, protein powders, detox powders).